Private Kindergarten

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Private Kindergarten

Age Range:
5 - 6 yrs.
Areas of Learning:

Creative Learning

Music & Creative Arts

Foreign Language

Private Kindergarten Program

This program is for discriminating parents who want to provide exceptional learning experience for their child. At Lake Manassas Academy, kindergarten students often work at a gifted and talented pace. Teachers cover curricula required as a part of the Commonwealth of Virginia Standards of Learning for Kindergarten Students. In addition, teachers expand above and beyond this typical curriculum by adding enriching investigative and creative experiences. Teachers and children select projects that may involve several days or weeks of planning and implementation. These extended periods of time are needed in order to fully satisfy children’s desire to learn and explore each project’s hypothesis through conclusion. Field trips and in-house events add to the overall experiences. Foreign language, music, movement, creative arts, and recreational activities are integrated into the curriculum. Enrichment activities promote children’s individual talents and interests. Schedule a visit to learn more about this exclusive program.


The Lake Manassas Academy Kindergarten Program is an excellent foundation for school success. It is an academically accelerated program that is suitable for children who have previously participated in a challenging preschool curriculum. Professional educators at Lake Manassas Academy will assist parents and help make a determination as to an appropriate educational match for each child.

The Lake Manassas Academy kindergarten may accept children who turn five years of age by September 30. The Academy Principal will consider and determine eligibility of children who do not meet this age requirement. Parents are encouraged to contact the Academy Principal for more information. Applications are considered on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Our high quality, in-depth curriculums address Standards of Learning in all subject areas including language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, Spanish, physical education, music, and technology. Typically, Lake Manassas Academy kindergarteners are exposed to a greater breadth and depth of knowledge and progress at a faster pace than their peers in public schools. The highlights of our curriculum are presented on this page.

Please contact the Academy Principal for more information about our Kindergarten Program.

Our curriculum is designed to exceed the Virginia Department of Education Kindergarten Standards of Learning.